Xiao Zhou Xu

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The anti-oncogenic Chk2 kinase plays a crucial role in DNA damage-induced cell cycle checkpoint regulation. Recently, we have shown that Chk2 associates with the oncogenic Wip1 (PPM1D) phosphatase and that Wip1 acts as a negative regulator of Chk2 during DNA damage response by dephosphorylating phosphorylated Thr-68 in activated Chk2 (Fujimoto, H., Onishi,(More)
The Dmnk (Drosophila maternal nuclear kinase) gene, encoding a nuclear protein serine/threonine kinase, is expressed predominantly in the germline cells during embryogenesis, suggesting its possible role in the establishment of germ cells. We report here that Dmnk interacts physically with Drosophila RNA binding protein Orb, which plays crucial roles in the(More)
A variable-coupling-coefficient nonlinear directional coupler with mismatching and nonuniformity is studied by means of coupled mode equations with effective mismatching. It is pointed out that the effective mismatching can be cancelled out for any given input power by properly adjusting the magnitudes of the mismatching and nonuniformity. Numerical(More)
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