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It is widely realized that the integration of database and information retrieval techniques will provide users with a wide range of high quality services. In this paper, we study processing an l-keyword query, p<sub>1</sub>, p<sub>1</sub>, ..., p<sub>l</sub>, against a relational database which can be modeled as a weighted graph, G(V, E). Here V is a set of(More)
BACKGROUND High-throughput profiling of DNA methylation status of CpG islands is crucial to understand the epigenetic regulation of genes. The microarray-based Infinium methylation assay by Illumina is one platform for low-cost high-throughput methylation profiling. Both Beta-value and M-value statistics have been used as metrics to measure methylation(More)
Modern multi-core processors present new resource management challenges due to the subtle interactions of simultaneously executing processes sharing on-chip resources (particularly the L2 cache). Recent research demonstrates that the operating system may use the page coloring mechanism to control cache partitioning, and consequently to achieve fair and(More)
Performance isolation is a key challenge in cloud computing. Unfortunately, Linux has few defenses against performance interference in shared resources such as processor caches and memory buses, so applications in a cloud can experience unpredictable performance caused by other programs' behavior. Our solution, CPI<sup>2</sup>, uses cycles-per-instruction(More)
— With today's ASIC technology, a large number of memory can be easily implemented in a single chip. This makes the combined input-crosspoint-queued (CICQ) crossbar switch a more attractive solution than the traditional input-queued (IQ) crossbar switch because of the simplicity of the CICQ switch scheduling. In this paper, we propose a shortest crosspoint(More)
Geographically-grounded situational awareness (SA) is critical to crisis management and is essential in many other decision making domains that range from infectious disease monitoring, through regional planning, to political campaigning. Social media are becoming an important information input to support situational assessment (to produce awareness) in all(More)
We previously found that ginsenoside Rd (Rd), one of the main active ingredients in Panax ginseng, attenuates neuronal oxidative damage in vitro induced by hydrogen peroxide and oxygen-glucose deprivation. In this study, we sought to investigate the potential protective effects and associated mechanisms of Rd in a rat model of focal cerebral ischemia. Rats(More)
—In this paper, we present a face annotation system to automatically collect and label celebrity faces from the web. With the proposed system, we have constructed a large-scale dataset called " Celebrities on the Web, " which contains 2.45 million distinct images of 421 436 celebrities and is orders of magnitude larger than previous datasets. Collecting and(More)
Android uses a permission-based security model to restrict applications from accessing private data and privileged resources. However, the permissions are assigned at the application level, so even untrusted third-party libraries, such as advertisement, once incorporated, can share the same privileges as the entire application, leading to over-privileged(More)
Every year more than 13 million deaths worldwide are due to environmental pollutants, and approximately 24% of diseases are caused by environmental exposures that might be averted through preventive measures. Rapidly growing evidence has linked environmental pollutants with epigenetic variations, including changes in DNA methylation, histone modifications(More)