Xiao-Zeng Li

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Every time a cell divides, the chromosomes must be distributed accurately to the daughter cells. Errors in distribution arise if chromosomes are improperly attached to the mitotic spindle. Improper attachment is detected by a cell-cycle checkpoint in many cells and the completion of cell division is delayed, allowing time for error correction. How is an(More)
Improper chromosome attachment to the spindle can lead to daughter cells with missing or extra chromosomes. Such mishaps are avoided in many cells by a checkpoint that detects even a single improperly attached chromosome. What is detected? A misattached chromosome is not under tension from opposed mitotic forces, and in praying mantid spermatocytes, direct(More)
Nickel is considered a weak carcinogen. Some researches have shown that bound proteins or synthetic ligands may increase the toxic effect of nickel ions. A systematic study of ligand effects on the interaction between nickel complexes and DNA is necessary. Here, we compared the interactions between DNA and six closely related Schiff base tetraazamacrocyclic(More)
The discovery of uncommon DNA structures and speculation about their potential functions in genes has brought attention to specific DNA structure recognition. G-quadruplexes are four-stranded nucleic acid structures formed by G-rich DNA (or RNA) sequences. G-rich sequences with a high potential to form G-quadruplexes have been found in many important(More)
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