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Among different hybrid recommendation techniques, network-based entity recommendation methods, which utilize user or item relationship information, are beginning to attract increasing attention recently. Most of the previous studies in this category only consider a single relationship type, such as friendships in a social network. In many scenarios, the(More)
The power consumption and operating frequency of the extended true single-phase clock (E-TSPC)-based frequency divider is investigated. The short-circuit power and the switching power in the E-TSPC-based divider are calculated and simulated. A low-power divide-by-2/3 unit of a prescaler is proposed and implemented using a CMOS technology. Compared with the(More)
The advance of object tracking technologies leads to huge volumes of spatio-temporal data accumulated in the form of location trajectories. Such data bring us new opportunities and challenges in efficient trajectory retrieval. In this paper, we study a new type of query that finds the k Nearest Neighboring Trajectories (k-NNT) with the minimum aggregated(More)
Mycoviruses are viruses that infect fungi and have the potential to control fungal diseases of crops when associated with hypovirulence. Typically, mycoviruses have double-stranded (ds) or single-stranded (ss) RNA genomes. No mycoviruses with DNA genomes have previously been reported. Here, we describe a hypovirulence-associated circular ssDNA mycovirus(More)
Plants use cell-surface-resident receptor-like kinases (RLKs) to sense diverse extrinsic and intrinsic cues and elicit distinct biological responses. In Arabidopsis, ERECTA family RLKs recognize EPIDERMAL PATTERNING FACTORS (EPFs) to specify stomatal patterning. However, little is known about the molecular link between ERECTA activation and intracellular(More)
Real-world, multiple-typed objects are often interconnected, forming heterogeneous information networks. A major challenge for link-based clustering in such networks is its potential to generate many different results, carrying rather diverse semantic meanings. In order to generate desired clustering, we propose to use <i>meta-path</i>, a path that connects(More)
Researchers have been studying hybrid recommender systems which combine user-item rating data with external information in recent years. Some studies suggest that by leveraging additional user and / or item relations, e.g., social network, the performance of the recommendation models can be improved. These studies, nevertheless, mostly utilize a single type(More)
Recent studies suggest that metformin, a widely used antidiabetic agent, may reduce cancer risk and improve prognosis of certain malignancies. However, the mechanisms for the anti-cancer effects of metformin remain uncertain. In this study, we investigated the effects of metformin on human bladder cancer cells and the underlying mechanisms. Metformin(More)
The hyperpolarization-activated cation channels (I(h)) play a distinct role in rhythmic activities in a variety of tissues, including neurons and cardiac cells. In the present study, we investigated whether Ca(2+) can permeate through the hyperpolarization-activated pacemaker channels (HCN) expressed in HEK293 cells and I(h) channels in dorsal root ganglion(More)