Xiao-Yu Yan

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AIM Bacillary dysentery caused by Shigella flexneri is still a threat to human health. Of four invasion plasmid antigen proteins (IpaA,B,C and D), IpaC plays an important role in the pathogenicity of this pathogen. The purpose of this study was to investigate the proteins interacting with IpaC in the host cell during the pathogenic process of this disease.(More)
Signature-tagged mutagenesis (STM) is a novel technology with high throughput screening ability to identify virulent genes of pathogen in vivo. An appropriate animal or cell line model is one of prerequisites by exploiting this technique. In order to apply STM to Shigella flexneri, RC426 was constructed as an attenuated mutant with chloramphenicol(More)
Two-hybrid system was applied to screen proteins interacting with IpaC in the host cell. By using two-hybrid system, the bait plasmid containing ipaC gene was constructed and designated pGBKT-IpaC. A human HeLa cDNA library was screened to isolate protein factors that might interact with IpaC. Among the 2 x 10(6) clones screened, 22 positive clones were(More)
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