Xiao-Yong He

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In this paper, we will present an effective layout method for analog circuits. We consider symmetry constraint, common centroid constraint, device merging and device clustering during the placement step. Symmetric routing will then be performed. In order to have successful routing, we will perform analog-based routability-driven adjustment during the(More)
Phoebe bournei commonly called nanmu is an important and endemic wood species in China, and its planting, nursing, and preserving are often affected by drought stress. Two-year-old P. bournei seedlings were subjected to water stress and recovery treatment to study their physiological and biochemical responses. Physiological and biochemical indices did not(More)
Tunable subwavelength terahertz (THz) plasmonic stub waveguide filters based on indium antimonide are proposed and numerically investigated for the first time. The transmission line theory and the finite different time domain simulation results reveal that the single-stub waveguide structure can realize a stop-band filtering function and the central(More)
This brief presents a fully differential wideband amplifier for 0.5-V supply. The amplifier employs a gate-input two-stage topology and a DC common-mode feedback circuit with a Miller-amplified capacitor for frequency compensation. Designed in a 130-nm triple-well complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process with regular <i>VT</i> transistors, the(More)
Dispersion properties and field distributions of graphene supported transverse magnetic (TM) and transverse electric (TE) surface plasmon (SP) modes in air-graphene-SiO<sub>2</sub>-Si structures have been investigated. The results show that graphene-based TM (TE) SPs are bound (lossy) modes, which decay into the air in the range of tens of micrometers(More)
Unlike common metals, graphene can support transverse electric (TE) surface modes when the imaginary part of its conductivity is negative. We have theoretically investigated and numerically simulated plasmonic properties of graphene TE surface plasmons (SPs) in the terahertz regime. The influence of the external magnetic field, gate voltage and temperature(More)
By depositing graphene circular double rings (DR) on a SiO2/Si/polymer substrate, the tunable Fano resonance has been theoretically investigated in the terahertz regime, including the effects of the graphene Fermi level, structural parameters and operation frequency. The results demonstrate that the obvious Fano peak can be efficiently modulated because of(More)
This paper presents a fully differential OTA with a supply of 0.5V in a 0.18mum CMOS process that has threshold voltages of 0.5V under zero body-source biasing. Unlike a recent two-stage 0.5V OTA architecture, this OTA employs two common mode feedback loops for obtaining a stable operating condition and thus a robust performance against process variations.(More)
This paper presents a 0.5V fully differential gate-input amplifier with adaptive common-mode feedback (CMFB) frequency compensation. The CMFB circuit employs a pair of transistors working in linear region as compensation resistor to trace the g<inf>m</inf> variation of an error amplifier and thus to obtain a robust performance against process variation.(More)