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Energy limited is one main bottle-neck for wireless sensor networks. Due to unreasonable cluster head electing and intensive energy consumption of cluster head in clustering algorithm, we propose multi-hop clustering algorithm, which is aimed to optimize cluster head voting and balance energy consumption of cluster head. Theoretical proofs and Simulation(More)
This paper presents current work on decentralized data fusion applied to the relative localization among multiple platform, which is one of the key formation control techniques for mobile robots or unmanned aerial vehicles. The cooperative localization is one of the key problems for the multiple platform formation. When using geometrical method, at least(More)
Competition in e-commerce environment is not the competition between enterprises, but competition among business ecosystems. This article drawn on research of the natural ecosystem and business ecosystem, defined the concept of e-business ecosystem, analyses the composition and advantages of e-commerce ecosystem, proposed strategy of building e-commerce(More)
In the general scenario of downlink multicell processing, we propose an achievability scheme for the case where the capacity of the backhaul links are limited. The achievability scheme proposed generalizes our earlier work of 2 base stations and 2 mobile users to an arbitrary number of base stations and users. Through numerical results, we demonstrate(More)
  • Xiao Yi, Lu Deng
  • 2010 The 2nd Conference on Environmental Science…
  • 2010
Since sensor nodes are generally deployed in surveillance areas by airplane and cannonball, node's position is affected by many factors, which leads to unevenly distribution. Maybe nodes in some areas are very thick, while nodes in other areas are very thin. Unevenly distribution phenomenon brings many disadvantages in network management, such as unbalanced(More)
This paper studies the emitter recognition problem. A new recognition method based on attribute measure for emitter recognition is put forward. The steps of the method are presented. The approach to determining the weight coefficient is also discussed. Moreover, considering the temporal redundancy of emitter information detected by multi-sensor system, this(More)
There are always very tall buildings next to the low-voltage transmission lines through the city centers. If the buildings are stroke directly by lightning, the extremely high transient electromagnetic field caused by lightning current through the lightning downward lead might induce high over-voltages on the low-voltage transmission lines. If the induced(More)