Xiao Yanjun

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With the characteristics of high efficiency, no pollution and recyclability, Zinc-air battery is regarded as future hotspot and has great potentiality in future market. Through improving from wet-molding technique and rolling to realize pole piece continuous production to better molding quality, Zinc-air battery production line based on dry-embedded method(More)
Expander who drives a electromotor to generate electricity is the core of low-temperature waste heat recovery equipment. At present, domestic expanders on waste heat recovery system mostly come from exploration, research and improvement on the existing models of screw expanders and scroll expanders, which has complex structures and high costs. Against the(More)
Continuous production process will be realized by dry-powder-embedded Zinc-air battery pole manufacturing line, which has important significance on the spread and application of Zinc-air. Tension is the most important factor of the electrode moulding quality. The force of current collector should be kept constant. Control performance of PID algorithm and(More)
As a new kind of efficient, non-polluting and recyclable utilization of energy resource, Zinc-air battery has attained more and more attention in the world. The thickness of electrode is an important parameter for the quality of the battery. This thesis used Laser CCD technology in measuring the thickness of electrode. Laser CCD technology is a non-contact,(More)
This paper mainly presents Zinc-air battery on-line detection system, The research of the on-line detection system was based on zinc-air battery production line. Using arm embedded microprocessor as the detection system core. Using sensors detect material¿humidity and temperature, roller pressure in the production process, design the hardware and software(More)
The control method using the MODBUS communication method between Emerson's PLC and Inovance frequency converter is presented. The important parameter for communication is listed. Some examples of program is presented too. This method which has been successfully applied to the machine of spark plug. It is very convenient to control the frequency converter,(More)
The control method using the free communication port between S7-200 PLC'RS-485 interface and ED430 servo motor driver is described. The parameter is enumerated, which is indispensable for communication. The program is presented too. This method which has been successfully applied to the machine of power box, is very convenient to control the servo motor(More)
The system of zinc-air battery pole manufacturing line is multi-variable, large time lag and strong coupling, and it is difficult to build the precise math model. So the traditional PID control is difficultly designed and realized. Since the recent years, the self-adaptive and self-tuning control has been rapidly developed, which can resolve uncertain(More)
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