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A Nonprostanoid EP4 Receptor Selective Prostaglandin E2 Agonist Restores Bone Mass and Strength in Aged, Ovariectomized Rats
CP432 is a newly discovered, nonprostanoid EP4 receptor selective prostaglandin E2 agonist. CP432 stimulates trabecular and cortical bone formation and restores bone mass and bone strength in agedExpand
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Alfacalcidol treatment increases bone mass from anticatabolic and anabolic effects on cancellous and cortical bone in intact female rats
It has been reported that alfacalcidol had an anticatabolic and anabolic effect on bone in ovariectomized and aged male rat models, but this has not been tested on intact female rats. The currentExpand
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Simulation Experiment of Roll Bending Machine in Valveless Servo System
Valveless servo system is a new technology which is widely used in recent years. Compared to the traditional hydraulic system, valveless servo system has a lot of advantages such as high efficiency,Expand
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A Campus Safety Monitoring System Based on Ad-Hoc Network
This paper introduces a campus safety monitoring system based on wireless mobile communication network. Backbone network of the system is an ad-hoc network based on Opportunity Driven Multiple AccessExpand
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Experimental Study on Combing Chloramine and Potassium Permanganate to Inactivate Total Coliform Group
The inactivation efficacy of total coliform group is compared with independent of chloramine, potassium permanganate, and the combination of the two using prepared water samples. The results showExpand
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The Preparation Technology of Spherical Molybdenum Powder in Continous Induction Plasma
In this paper, the preparation technology of spherical molybdenum powder has been studied by using of continuous induction plasma powder synthesis system, and the flow-ability, particle size , theExpand
[Congenital ectrodactyly caused by chromosome 10q24.31 duplication and its pathogenetic analysis].
In order to investigate the genetic variations and the clinical manifestations of a range of congenital ectrodactyly family and to summarize the split hand/foot malformation (SHFM) types and theirExpand
The Manufacture of Spherical WC Powder in Plasma
The manufacture technology of spherical WC powder has been studied by using of induction plasma. We can get spherical powder above 85% in the powder through changing several parameters. And the hallExpand
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FLI Co-Simulation Applied and Realized in Rail Profile Automatic Detection System
High speed image processing has a dilemma of that software-based approach lock real-time property while hardware-based approach has high modeling complexity. In order to solve above problem, thisExpand
An/OSBR Process for Phosphorus Removal Effect of Different Sludge Load and Nitrate Concentration Condition
Based on An / OSBR, the paper explores the different sludge loading and nitrate concentrations under the conditions of An / OSBR effects of biological phosphorus removal systems.The influentExpand