Xiao-Ya Gao

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The study explored a modified primary culture system for fetal rat cortical neurons. Day E18 embryos from pregnant Sprague Dawley rats were microdissected under a stereoscope. To minimize enzymatic damage to the cultured neurons, we applied a sequential digestion protocol using papain and Dnase I. The resulting sifted cell suspension was seeded at a density(More)
Co-treatment of neuroprotective reagents may improve the therapeutic efficacy of hypothermia in protecting neurons during ischemic stroke. This study aimed to find promising drugs that enhance the neuroprotective effect of mild hypothermia (MH). 26 candidate drugs were selected based on different targets. Primary cultured cortical neurons were exposed to(More)
This study aimed to identify optimal mild hypothermic (MH) condition that would provide the best protection for neuronal cells undergoing severe ischemia and hypoxia. We also sought to determine if longer exposure to mild hypothermia would confer greater protection to severe ischemia and hypoxia in these cells. We designed a primary neuronal cell model for(More)
Cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5) is a multifaceted protein shown to play important roles in the central nervous system. Abundant evidence indicates that CDK5 hyperactivities associated with neuronal apoptosis and death following ischemic stroke. CDK5 activity increases when its cofactor p35 cleaves into p25 during ischemia. Theoretically, inhibition of(More)
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