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Pulsed near-infrared radiation has been proposed as an alternative stimulus for auditory nerve stimulation and could be potentially used in the design of cochlear implant. Although the infrared with high absorption coefficient of water (i.e., wavelength ranged from 1.8 to 2.2 μm) has been widely investigated, the lymph in the cochlea absorbs most of the(More)
Although infrared laser was proven to be an alternative approach for neural stimulation, there is very little known about the neural response to infrared laser irradiation in visual cortex. This study is to investigate the effect of near-infrared laser irradiation on neural activities at the cortex level. A 850-nm pigtailed diode laser was applied to(More)
To explore the penetration depth with short-wavelength infrared light, 980 nm pulse infrared light was used to stimulate the primary motor cortex of rat. The heating model was created to simulate the temperature distribution for 1875 nm and 980 nm infrared neural stimulation. Post-stimulus time histogram was used to observe the neural response induced by(More)
The aggregation kinetics of particles in dense polystyrene latex suspensions is studied by low-coherence fiber optic dynamic light scattering. Low-coherence fiber optic dynamic light scattering is used to measure the hydrodynamic radius of the aggregates. The aggregation kinetics data obtained can be fitted into a single exponential function, which is the(More)
Muscle Co-activation (MCo) is the simultaneous muscular activation of agonist and antagonist muscle groups, which provides adequate joint stability, movement accuracy during movement. Infant crawling is an important stage of motor function development that manifests non-synchronization growth and development of upper and lower limbs due to the well-known(More)
  • X Y Wu
  • 1991
In this article we studied the microleakage of three kinds of dental restorative materials by using 131I label compounds and 3H label compounds. The results revealed that the radioactive isotope reverse diffusion method has the advantages of which it is quantitative and sensitive. It is an acceptable and feasible measuring method. Under the condition(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the role played by the factors, such as altered vasoreactivity of resistance vessels in different body regions, and depressed cardiac contractility in the genesis of postflight cardiovascular dysfunction. The model we used is based on the model developed by Mechior et al. (1994) with modification by incorporating(More)
Infant crawling is part of normal human gross motor development, and a 4-beat gait that involves rhythmical flexion and extension of limbs and the underlying muscle co-activation of antagonist muscle around the joint. However, detection the co-activation pattern of antagonist muscle are sparse due to the general difficulty of measuring locomotion in human(More)
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