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Noncoding RNAs (ncRNA) participate in epigenetic regulation but are poorly understood. Here we characterize the transcriptional landscape of the four human HOX loci at five base pair resolution in 11 anatomic sites and identify 231 HOX ncRNAs that extend known transcribed regions by more than 30 kilobases. HOX ncRNAs are spatially expressed along(More)
OBJECTIVES This 11-city study sought to identify risk factors for femicide in abusive relationships. METHODS Proxies of 220 intimate partner femicide victims identified from police or medical examiner records were interviewed, along with 343 abused control women. RESULTS Preincident risk factors associated in multivariate analyses with increased risk of(More)
High throughput parallel sequencing, RNA-Seq, has recently emerged as an appealing alternative to microarray in identifying differentially expressed genes (DEG) between biological groups. However, there still exists considerable discrepancy on gene expression measurements and DEG results between the two platforms. The objective of this study was to compare(More)
In this paper, we study and extend the concept of model-mediated teleoperation (MMT) for teleaction systems which provide live video feedback from the remote side with a time delay. In MMT, the haptic feedback is rendered locally on the operator side using a simple object surface model in order to keep the haptic control loop stable in the presence of(More)
An 18-item stalking inventory and personal interviews with knowledgeable proxy infor-mants and victims of attempted femicide were used to describe the frequency and type of intimate partner stalking that occurred within 12 months of attempted and actual partner femicide. One hundred forty-one femicide and 65 attempted femicide incidents were evaluated. The(More)
BACKGROUND Moyamoya disease (MMD) is an uncommon cerebrovascular disorder characterized by progressive occlusion of the internal carotid artery causing cerebral ischemia and hemorrhage. Genetic factors in the etiology and pathogenesis of MMD are being increasingly recognized. Previous studies have shown that the RNF213 gene was related to MMD susceptibility(More)
Heat stress is a detrimental abiotic stress limiting the growth of many plant species and is associated with various cellular and physiological damages. Expansins are a family of proteins which are known to play roles in regulating cell wall elongation and expansion, as well as other growth and developmental processes. The in vitro roles of expansins(More)
Populus cathayana Rehd., a dioecious tree species, is widely distributed in the northern, central and southwestern regions of China. In poplars, Melampsora larici-populina Kleb. is mainly responsible for rust disease, which is considered to be the world's most important disease of poplars. Yet, little is known about sex-related responses to rust disease in(More)
Stress is a fundamental aspect of aging, as accumulated damage from a lifetime of stress can limit lifespan and protective responses to stress can extend lifespan. In this study, we identify a conserved Caenorhabditis elegans GATA transcription factor, egl-27, that is involved in several stress responses and aging. We found that overexpression of egl-27(More)