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OBJECTIVES We estimated the prevalence of and risk factors for intimate partner violence in China. METHODS Our cross-sectional, comparative prevalence study used a face-to-face survey of randomly selected women attending an urban outpatient gynecological clinic at a major teaching hospital in Fuzhou, China. Multiple logistic regression models were used to(More)
Schwann cells (SC) have been shown to promote regeneration in both the peripheral and central nervous systems. In this study we tested the ability of SC to enhance axonal regeneration in adult rat spinal cord by grafting SC-seeded guidance channels into transected cords. SC were purified in culture from adult inbred rat sciatic nerves, suspended in(More)
We previously demonstrated that Schwann cells (SCs) in semipermeable guidance channels promote axonal regeneration in adult rat spinal cord transected at the mid-thoracic level. Propriospinal but not supraspinal axons grew into these channels. Here, we tested the ability of exogenous brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) to(More)
Cell death was examined by studying the spinal cords of rats subjected to traumatic insults of mild to moderate severity. Within minutes after mild weight drop impact (a 10 gm weight falling 6.25 mm), neurons in the immediate impact area showed a loss of cytoplasmic Nissl substances. Over the next 7 d, this lesion area expanded and cavitated. Terminal(More)
OBJECTIVES This 11-city study sought to identify risk factors for femicide in abusive relationships. METHODS Proxies of 220 intimate partner femicide victims identified from police or medical examiner records were interviewed, along with 343 abused control women. RESULTS Preincident risk factors associated in multivariate analyses with increased risk of(More)
Transplantation of cellular components of the permissive peripheral nerve environment in some types of spinal cord injury holds great promise to support regrowth of axons through the site of injury. In the present study, Schwann cell grafts were positioned between transected stumps of adult rat thoracic spinal cord to test their efficacy to serve as bridges(More)
Schwann cells (SCs) have been shown to be a key element in promoting axonal regeneration after being grafted into the central nervous system (CNS). In the present study, SC-supported axonal regrowth was tested in an adult rat spinal cord implantation model. This model is characterized by a right spinal cord hemisection at the eighth thoracic segment,(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To compare surgical outcomes of myomectomy by robot-assisted laparoscopy with those performed by traditional laparotomy and to analyze the financial impact of these 2 approaches. DESIGN Retrospective case-matched analysis (Canadian Task Force classification III). SETTING University teaching hospital. PATIENTS A total of 58 patients(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS The hepatitis B virus X protein (HBx) has been implicated as a potential trigger of the epigenetic deregulation of some genes, but the underlying mechanisms remain unknown. The aim of this study was to identify underlying mechanisms involved in HBx-mediated epigenetic modification. METHODS Interactions between HBx and DNA methyltransferase(More)