Xiao-Xia Yan

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OBJECTIVE To study the chemical constituents in the fruit of Harrisonia perforata. METHODS The chemical constituents were isolated and purified by means of chromatographic techniques and their structures were elucidated by analysis of spectroscopic data and physicochemical properties. RESULTS Eight compounds were isolated and identified as(More)
Tuning of diastereoselectivity was realized in the Mannich reaction of glycine derivatives with aromatic and aliphatic N-Ts imines using CuClO4-FcPHOX ligand 4b and 4f having an MeO group at the 4-position and F atom at the 3,5-position of the phenyl ring on the P-atom respectively as catalyst, providing either anti- or syn-alpha,beta-diamino acid(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the liposoluble constituents from the flowers of Calotropis gigantea and their antimicrobial activities. METHODS The liposoluble constituents from the flowers of Calotropis gigantea were analyzed by GC-MS and their relative contents were determined by area normalization. Their antimicrobial activities against 2 pathogens were tested by(More)
BACKGROUND Genital warts are more extensive and difficult to treat in patients with diabetes mellitus due to defective immune responses. PURPOSE Our aim was to confirm the suitability of local hyperthermia for the treatment of genital warts in patients with diabetes mellitus and to investigate the immune cells in lesional areas at different time intervals(More)
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