Xiao-Xia Qu

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Abiotic stresses greatly influence plant growth and productivity. While glycosyltransferases are widely distributed in plant kingdom, their biological roles in response to abiotic stresses are largely unknown. In this study, a novel Arabidopsis glycosyltransferase gene UGT85A5 was identified as significantly induced by salt stress. Ectopic expression of(More)
An efficient copper-catalyzed direct 2-arylation of benzoxazoles and benzoimidazoles with aryl bromides is presented. The CuI/PPh3-based catalyst promotes the installation of various aryl and heteroaryl groups through a C-H activation process in good to excellent yields. The cytotoxicity of obtained 2-aryl benzoxazoles (benzoimidazoles) was also evaluated(More)
BACKGROUND Microwave-assisted reflux extraction of polysaccharides YPF-P from the famous Chinese traditional drug, Yupingfeng powder, optimization of extracting conditions and evaluation of their antioxidant activity were conducted in this study. RESULTS Single factor effect trends were achieved through yields and contends of YPF-P obtained from different(More)
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