Xiao-Xia Guo

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In this paper we propose a structure-preserving doubling algorithm (SDA) for computing the minimal nonnegative solutions to the nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equation (NARE) based on the techniques developed in the symmetric cases. This method allows the simultaneous approximation of the minimal nonnegative solutions of the NARE and its dual equation, only(More)
Aedes aegypti is an important vector for dengue virus and thus has been targeted with pyrethroid insecticides in many areas of the world. As such, resistance has been detected to several of these insecticides, including in China, but the mechanisms of the resistance are not well understood in this country. Using the World Health Organization larval mosquito(More)
BACKGROUND A current challenge of coping with bacterial infection is that bacterial pathogens are becoming less susceptible to or more tolerant of commonly used antibiotics. It is urgent to work out a practical solution to combat the multidrug resistant bacterial pathogens. FINDINGS Oxidative stress-acclimatized bacteria thrive in rifampicin by generating(More)
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