Xiao-Xia Guo

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In this paper we propose a structure-preserving doubling algorithm (SDA) for computing the minimal nonnegative solutions to the nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equation (NARE) based on the techniques developed in the symmetric cases. This method allows the simultaneous approximation of the minimal nonnegative solutions of the NARE and its dual equation, only(More)
Aedes aegypti is an important vector for dengue virus and thus has been targeted with pyrethroid insecticides in many areas of the world. As such, resistance has been detected to several of these insecticides, including in China, but the mechanisms of the resistance are not well understood in this country. Using the World Health Organization larval mosquito(More)
Zika virus (ZIKV) has become a threat to global health since the outbreak in Brazil in 2015. Although ZIKV is generally considered an Aedes-transmitted pathogen, new evidence has shown that parts of the virus closely resemble Culex-transmitted viruses. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the competence of Culex species for ZIKV to understand their(More)
The vector competence of Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti with regard to DEN2-43 and New Guinea C (NGC) virus strains of Dengue 2 viruses was assessed and compared. The infection and dissemination rate and distribution of DEN2-43 antigens in orally infected Ae. albopictus was investigated using the reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction and an(More)
Since the electrochemical oxidation peaks of both DNA and anti-tumor drug tamoxifen (TAM) overlapped with each other, the known electrochemical methods were limited in the study of the interactions between DNA and TAM. In this paper, zero current potentiometry, a new electrochemical method, was used to study the interaction of calf thymus dsDNA with TAM.(More)
A current challenge of coping with bacterial infection is that bacterial pathogens are becoming less susceptible to or more tolerant of commonly used antibiotics. It is urgent to work out a practical solution to combat the multidrug resistant bacterial pathogens. Oxidative stress-acclimatized bacteria thrive in rifampicin by generating(More)
To assess the risk that indigenous mosquitoes in China are capable of transmitting and sustaining West Nile virus (WNV), four important Culex mosquito species, Culex tritaeniorhynchus, Culex modestus, Culex pipiens pallens, and Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus, were allowed to feed on the artificial infectious blood meal with WNV dose of 10(6.8)(More)
Aedes albopictus is a primary nuisance pest and disease vector in China. Control of Ae. albopictus using current methods is difficult because of diverse larval breeding sites. In the present study, lambda-cyhalothrin was applied as a barrier spray to vegetation surrounding human dwellings for control of adult mosquito populations. Compared to the landing(More)