Xiao Wei Yin

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Rice black-streaked dwarf virus (RBSDV) is a double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) virus belonging to the genus Fijivirus in the family Reoviridae. The genome of RBSDV consists of ten dsRNA segments. Although RBSDV has caused significant economic losses to rice and maize production in the past few years in China, its molecular diversity and evolution remain largely(More)
Sour jujube or wild jujube (Ziziphus acidojujuba), considered as the ancestor of cultivated jujube, is an economically and ecologically important species. However, little is known about the population genetics of this species across China. In this study, we detected genetic variation among 874 individuals from 31 natural populations covering the most(More)
Ziziphus is an important genus within the family Rhamnaceae. This genus includes several important fruit tree species that are widely planted in China and India, such as the Chinese jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.), the wild jujube (Z. acidojujuba), and the Indian jujube (Z. mauritiana). However, information about their domestication based on the chlorotype(More)
Region-of-Interest (ROI) techniques are often utilized in natural still-image coding standards such as JPEG2000 [1]. In contrast, document image coding typically adopts multi-layer methods [2], using a carefully selected algorithm for each layer to optimize overall performance. In this paper, an ROI-based method is proposed for multi-component document(More)
Jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) belongs to the Rhamnaceae family and is a popular fruit tree species with immense economic and nutritional value. Here, we report a draft genome of the dry jujube cultivar 'Junzao' and the genome resequencing of 31 geographically diverse accessions of cultivated and wild jujubes (Ziziphus jujuba var. spinosa). Comparative(More)
Development an effective vaccine may offer an alternative preventive and therapeutic strategy against HCV infection. DNA vaccination has been shown to induce robust humoral and cellular immunity and overcome many problems associated with conventional vaccines. In this study, mice were primed with either conventional pVRC-based or suicidal pSC-based DNA(More)
Enterovirus 71 (EV71) is the major causative agent of hand, foot, and mouth disease and induces fatal neurological complications. In recent years, this virus has become a major threat to public health in the Asia–Pacific region, while no effective antiviral therapies and vaccines are currently available. In this study, we constructed and characterized for(More)
Polyploidy plays an important role in the evolution of plant genomes. To enable the investigation of the polyploidy events within the genus Anemone, we developed eighteen microsatellite markers from the hexaploid species A. amurensis (Ranunculaceae), and tested their transferability in five closely related species. The number of total alleles (N(A)) for(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of Hg2+ on voltage-dependent calcium channels and intracellular free calcium in trigeminal ganglion neurons of rats and explore the toxicity mechanism of Hg2+ on these neurons. METHODS Whole cell patch-clamp technique was used to determine ICa of voltage-dependent calcium channels in trigeminal ganglion neurons of(More)