Xiao Wei Wang

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MapReduce is gaining increasing popularity as a parallel programming model for large-scale data processing. We find however some traditional MapReduce platforms have a poor performance in terms of cluster resource utilization since the traditional multi-phase parallel model and some existing schedule policies used in the cluster environment have some(More)
In this paper we discuss the architecture characteristics of Multi-core and Multi-processor. According to this architecture, multithreaded algorithm is suitable. In order to make full use of Multi-core and Multi-processor, we must allocate threads to the appropriate core. So that multithreaded allocation algorithm is very important. In this paper we propose(More)
In order to improve the testing efficiency and accuracy of the inertial system, a performance test system for the strapdown inertial system which is based on LabVIEW and PCI data acquisition card has been designed. The design includes the hardware design and the software design. The hardware includes the design of analog modulate circuit and 24-channel(More)
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