Xiao-Wei Li

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Dehydration-responsive element binding (DREB) transcription factors (TFs) play important roles in the regulation of plant resistance to environmental stresses and can specifically bind to dehydration-responsive element/C-repeat element (DRE/CRT) proteins (G/ACCGAC) and activate expression of many stress-inducible genes. Here, we cloned and characterized a(More)
The tumor suppressor gene CDH1 is critical for intercellular adhesion. In our previous work, we reported a nonfunctional CDH1 transcript that lacks the final 83 base pairs of exon 8 (1054del83). In this work, we probed the role of histone epigenetic modifications as well as DNA methylation in selection of this isoform. RT-qPCR was used to detect CDH1 RNA(More)
The load power range of modern processors is greatly enlarged because many advanced power management techniques are employed, such as dynamic voltage frequency scaling, Turbo Boosting, and near-threshold voltage (NTV) technologies. However, because the efficiency of power delivery varies greatly with different load conditions, conventional power delivery(More)
In this paper, a novel three-dimensional (3D) object hiding scheme by combining the use of the virtual optics and the chaotic system is proposed. A virtual 3D object is digitally produced as a two-dimensional (2D) elemental image array (EIA) through a virtual pinhole array. We encrypt the 2D EIA with an encryption method based on logistic mapping chaos(More)
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