Xiao-Su Miao

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As an important herbaceous plant, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi (Chinese skullcap) is geographically widespread and commonly used throughout the world. In the Chinese medicine market, S. baicalensis has been divided into two primary types, "Ku Qin" (WXR) and "Tiao Qin" (TST). Moreover, TST is also divided into different grades according to the diameter of(More)
By measuring the growth data of Scutellaria baicalensis in different cutting-seedling and determined active ingredient contents by HPLC and ultraviolet spectrophotometric determination. such as flavonoids. baicalin. wogonoside. baicalein. wogonin. oroxylin A. scutellarin. luteolin. and apigenin in the whole plant. Under circumstances of guaranteeing the(More)
Quality evaluation plays a vital role in ensuring safety and effectiveness of Chinese materia medica (CMM). Microscopic and morphological technologies can be used to distinguish CMM's characteristics, such as shape, size, texture, section, and smell, for authenticity and quality control of CMM. The microscopic and morphological applications of novel(More)
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