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Large piezoelectric coefficients combined with high electron mobilities in Janus monolayer XTeI (X = Sb and Bi): A first-principles study
The absence of both the inversion symmetry and out-of-plane mirror symmetry together with spin–orbit coupling (SOC) can induce novel electronic and piezoelectric properties. In this work, the
Predicted Janus SnSSe monolayer: a comprehensive first-principles study.
Calculated results show that SnSSe monolayer has a very high power factor, making it a promising candidate for thermoelectric applications, and it exhibits dynamic and mechanical stability.
Tuning the electronic structures and transport coefficients of Janus PtSSe monolayer with biaxial strain
Due to their great potential in electronics, optoelectronics and piezoelectronics, Janus transition metal dichalcogenide (TMD) monolayers have attracted increasing research interest, the MoSSe of
Born effective charge removed anomalous temperature dependence of lattice thermal conductivity in monolayer GeC.
The works highlight the importance of Z * and [Formula: see text] to investigate phonon transports of monolayer GeC, and motivate further theoretical or experimental efforts to investigate thermal transports of other 2D materials.
Valley polarization transition driven by biaxial strain in Janus GdClF monolayer.
A model that the valley polarization transition at different valley points (-K and K points) is produced by biaxial strain is proposed, paving the way to design ferrovalley materials for application in multifunctional valleytronic and piezoelectric devices by strain.
Tuning electronic structures, transport and piezoelectric coefficients of monolayer $\mathrm{MoSi_2N_4}$ with biaxial strain.
Experimentally synthesized $\mathrm{MoSi_2N_4}$ (\textcolor[rgb]{0.00,0.00,1.00}{Science 369, 670-674 (2020})) is a piezoelectric semiconductor. Here, we systematically study the large biaxial strain
Small strain induced large piezoelectric coefficient in $\alpha$-AsP monolayer
Strain engineering can effectively tune the electronic, topological and piezoelectric properties of materials. In this work, the small strain (-4\% to 4\%) effects on piezoelectric properties of
Intrinsic piezoelectric ferromagnetism with large out-of-plane piezoelectric response in Janus monolayer CrB r 1.5 I 1.5
A two-dimensional (2D) material system with both piezoelectric and ferromagnetic (FM) orders, referred to as a 2D piezoelectric ferromagnetism (PFM), may open up unprecedented opportunities for
A ug 2 02 0 Tuning electronic structures , transport and piezoelectric coefficients of monolayer MoSi 2 N 4 with biaxial strain
Experimentally synthesized MoSi2N4 (Science 369, 670-674 (2020)) is a piezoelectric semiconductor. Here, we systematically study the large biaxial strain effects (-10% to 10%) on electronic