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In this paper, we presented our latest measurement results of both channel attenuation and noise within the frequency range of 1-40 MHz. Results show both attenuation and noise characteristic are quite stable, not changing drastically with time. The attenuation increases with the increase of frequency while the noise level drops with the increase of(More)
Using Digital Multimedia Broadcast-Terrestrial (DMB-T) system from Tsinghua University, two-way (frequency division duplex) digital video transmission over medium-voltage power cables of up to 700 m-long was successfully demonstrated. The preliminary experiments validate the feasibility of using Time-Domain Synchronous Orthogonal Frequency Division(More)
In recent years, PV (Photovoltaic) system installation increase is not only in quantity, but also in large system or even in power plant. The accumulated installed capacity is getting large, and this could affect entire grid power management and scheduling. Based on this consideration, solar irradiance prediction becomes very important to estimate PV power(More)
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