Xiao-Qin Liu

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BACKGROUND Population-based cancer registry collects the data on cancer incidence and mortality deaths from covered population to describe and survey the epidemics in certain areas. The aim of this study was to estimate the cancer incidence and mortality in Wuwei, Gansu province, Northwestern China from 2003 to 2012. The goal is to better understand cancer(More)
The emergence and wide distribution of the transferable gene for linezolid resistance, cfr, in staphylococci of human and animal origins is of great concern as it poses a serious threat to the public health. In the present study, we investigated the emergence and presence of the multiresistance gene, cfr, in retail meat sourced from supermarkets and free(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the variation of latency and amplitude of the event related potential (ERP) and its distribution in human scalp when the normal subjects were stimulated with different visual fields. METHODS The ERP recorded in scalp with the stimulation of 10 degrees visual field and 60 degrees visual field respectively in 20 healthy volunteers with(More)
Extracellular recording is a key technology to study many types of brain functions. However the amplitudes of extracellular spikes are typically about 100 muV and should be picked up and amplified specially, then recorded and analyzed online. Most of the equipment for extracellular recording are either very expensive, or too large for recording in the(More)
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