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Miyoshianines A and B, two new lycopodium alkaloids from Huperzia miyoshiana.
Two new Lycopodium alkaloids are isolated from Huperzia miyoshiana (Makino) Ching (Huperziaceae) and their structures were determined by means of spectroscopic techniques. Expand
A novel AIE chemosensor based on quinoline functionalized Pillar[5]arene for highly selective and sensitive sequential detection of toxic Hg2+ and CN−
Abstract Aggregation-induced emission (AIE) is widely used for fluorescence “on-off-on” detection ions and molecular. Herein, we report a novel AIE chemosensor through self-assembly of quinolineExpand
Novel bispillar[5]arene-based AIEgen and its’ application in mercury(II) detection
Abstract By connecting amide-functionalized pillar[5]arene with terephthalaldehyde through a condensation reaction, a novel AIEgen (QS) based on bispillar[5]arene was designed and synthesized, itExpand
Two Novel Lycopodium Alkaloids from Huperzia serrata
Huperzine Q (1) and N-oxyhuperzine Q (2), two novel irregular fawcettimine-type Lycopodium alkaloids were isolated from the CHCl3 fraction of the basic material of the whole plant of the ChineseExpand
Tri-pillar[5]arene-based multi-stimuli-responsive supramolecular polymers for fluorescence detection and separation of Hg2+
A novel tripodal organic gelator (JP5) decorated with three pillar[5]arene tails was designed, synthesized and thoroughly characterized. The stable supramolecular polymer JP5G was obtained within 0.5Expand
Three new Phlegmariurine B type lycopodium alkaloids from Huperzia serrata
Three new analogous compounds were isolated from the CHCl 3 fraction of total alkaloids of whole plant of the Chinese medicinal herb Huperzia serrata and their structures were elucidated by spectral analysis. Expand
Huperzine R, a novel 15-carbon Lycopodium alkaloid from Huperzia serrata.
Huperzine R (2), a novel 15-carbon Lycopodium alkaloid, was isolated from the whole plant of Huperzia serrata, and the relative configuration was established using spectroscopic and X-rayExpand
Huperzines S, T, and U: New Lycopodium alkaloids from Huperzia serrata
Three new Lycopodium alkaloids, huperzines S (1), T (2), and U (3), along with eight known compounds, were isolated from the total alkaloids of the whole plant of Huperzia serrata (Thunb) Trev.Expand
Three New Hydroxylated Serratidine Alkaloids from Huperzia Serrata
Three hydroxylated serratidine alkaloids and a known compound were isolated from the CHCl 3 fraction of basic materials of whole plant of the Chinese medicinal herb Huperzia serrata. Expand
Aggregation-induced emission supramolecular organic framework (AIE SOF) gels constructed from tri-pillar[5]arene-based foldamer for ultrasensitive detection and separation of multi-analytes.
By introducing metal ions into the FSOF, a series of metal ions coordinated supramolecular organic frameworks (MSOFs) were successfully constructed, and MSOFs show selective fluorescence "turn on" ultrasensitive detection CN- and H2PO4-, and provides a new way to achieve ultrassensitive detection and high-efficiency separation. Expand