Xiao-Ping Zhang

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This paper presents two vector watermarking schemes that are based on the use of complex and quaternion Fourier transforms and demonstrates, for the first time, how to embed watermarks into the frequency domain that is consistent with our human visual system. Watermark casting is performed by estimating the just-noticeable distortion of the images, to(More)
In the paper, a type of thresholding neural network (TNN) is developed for adaptive noise reduction. New types of soft and hard thresholding functions are created to serve as the activation function of the TNN. Unlike the standard thresholding functions, the new thresholding functions are infinitely differentiable. By using the new thresholding functions,(More)
Recent wavelet research has primarily focused on real-valued wavelet bases. However, complex wavelet bases offer a number of potential advantageous properties. For example, it has been recently suggested that the complex Daubechies wavelet can be made symmetric. However, these papers always imply that if the complex basis has a symmetry property, then it(More)
Most mitochondrial and chloroplast proteins are synthesized on cytosolic polyribosomes as precursor proteins, with an N-terminal signal sequence that targets the precursor to the correct organelle. In mitochondria, the chaperone Hsp70 functions as a molecular motor, pulling the precursor across the mitochondrial membranes; 97.0% of plant mitochondrial(More)
Kirengeshoma comprises two species inhabiting warm temperate-deciduous forests in East China/South Japan (Kirengeshoma palmata) and South Korea (Kirengeshoma koreana). A survey of chloroplast (cp) DNA and inter-simple sequence repeats (ISSRs) variation in Kirengeshoma was carried out to determine the population history of a plant taxon around the East China(More)
A novel halophilic, filamentous actinobacterium, designated TRM 40136T, was isolated from a hypersaline habitat in Xinjiang Province, north-west China. The strain is aerobic, Gram-positive, halophilic, and the optimum NaCl concentration for growth is 10–15% (w/v). The whole-cell sugar pattern consists of xylose, glucose and arabinose. The predominant(More)
Saquinavir mesylate (SQV) is the first-in-class and prototypical HIV protease inhibitor (PI) used in the treatment of HIV infection. SQV undergoes extensive hepatic metabolism and intestinal and bile secretion, and has poor and variable oral bioavailability. In previous studies, our group and others have described the interactions between SQV and absorptive(More)
Nef is a crucial viral protein for HIV to replicate at high titers and in the development of AIDS. One Nef function is down-regulating CD4 from the cell surface, which correlates with Nef-enhanced viral pathogenicity. Nef down-regulates CD4 by linking CD4 to clathrin-coated pits. However, the mechanistic connection between the C-terminal dileucine motif of(More)
Homologous recombination (HR) is a ubiquitous cellular pathway that mediates transfer of genetic information between homologous or near homologous (homeologous) DNA sequences. During meiosis it ensures proper chromosome segregation in the first division. Moreover, HR is critical for the tolerance and repair of DNA damage, as well as in the recovery of(More)