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PURPOSE Lactoferrin (Lf), a mammalian cationic iron-binding glycoprotein belonging to the transferrin (Tf) family, has been widely used in a variety of fields ranging from treating infant diarrhea and supporting newborn growth to food and pharmaceutical applications. In this study, Lf nanoparticles were firstly used as carriers of gambogic acid (GA) to(More)
Schwann cells (SCs) are important in the recovery of peripheral nerve injury and are valuable cells for the tissue engineering of artificial neurons. Clinical applications that require pure SCs in large quantities are limited since human and mouse SCs do not attach well to the wall of the culture dish and have low proliferative potential. To obtain high(More)
A novel arginine-rich chitosan (CS) derivates mimicked cell penetration peptides; N-Arginine chitosan (N-Arg-CS) was prepared by two reaction methods involving activated L-arginine and the amine group on the chitosan. FTIR spectra showed that arginine was chemically coupled with CS. Elemental analysis estimated that the degrees of substitution (DS) of(More)
Schwann cells play an important role in the peripheral nervous system, especially in nerve repair following injury, so artificial nerve regeneration requires an effective technique for obtaining purified Schwann cells. In vivo and in vitro pre-degeneration of peripheral nerves have been shown to obtain high-purity Schwann cells. We believed that in vitro(More)
Subway station (hereinafter referred to as station) is composed of main module and extended module, this article is mainly to the design of extension module. The extension module adopts the STM32F107VCT6 single-chip microcomputer based on the ARM architecture control buttons scanning and the LED bright, then transmitting to the main module which is in A8(More)
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