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To estimate the cancer incidences and mortalities in China in 2010, the National Central Cancer Registry (NCCR) of China evaluated data for the year of 2010 from 145 qualified cancer registries covering 158,403,248 people (92,433,739 in urban areas and 65,969,509 in rural areas). The estimates of new cancer cases and cancer deaths were 3,093,039 and(More)
BACKGROUND China has experienced a remarkable epidemiological and demographic transition during the past three decades. Far less is known about this transition at the subnational level. Timely and accurate assessment of the provincial burden of disease is needed for evidence-based priority setting at the local level in China. METHODS Following the methods(More)
Nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC) is rare globally but common in China and exhibits a distinct ethnic and geographic distribution. In 2009, the National Central Cancer Registry in China provided real-time surveillance information on NPC. Individual NPC cases were retrieved from the national database based on the ICD-10 topography code C11. The crude incidence(More)
To determine whether smoking, in any form, is a risk factor in the development of cervical cancer (CC) among urban Chinese women. We ascertained retrospectively the smoking habits of 1,865 women (aged 35+) who had died from CC (cases) and 48,781 who had died from causes unrelated to smoking (controls) in 24 cities using data from a large national survey of(More)
BACKGROUND This study explored the association between smoking and colorectal malignant carcinoma (CRC) in the Chinese population at the national level for the first time. METHODS In the China Nationwide Retrospective Mortality Survey conducted during 1989-1991, 12,942 CRC cases among 1,136,336 all-cause deaths aged ≥30 years were randomly assigned 25,884(More)
BACKGROUND We conducted a meta-analysis to evaluate the association between traffic-related air pollution and lung cancer in order to provide evidence for control of traffic-related air pollution. METHODS Several databases were searched for relevant studies up to December 2013. The quality of articles obtained was evaluated by the Strengthening the(More)
PURPOSE To assess the validation of a novel control selection design by comparing the consistency between the new design and a routine design in a large case-control study that was incorporated into a nationwide mortality survey in China. METHODS A nationwide mortality study was conducted during 1989-1991. Surviving spouses or other relatives of all(More)
BACKGROUND Smoking increases the risk of numerous cancers; however, an association of smoking with adult gliomas has not been found in a population. METHODS This case-control study included 4556 glioma cases (ICD-9 code 191.0-191.9) aged ≥ 30 years and 9112 controls from a national survey of smoking and mortality in China in 1989-1991. Controls from 325(More)
BACKGROUND Esophageal cancer has been a common cancer in China for many years. Using the most recent data collected from the National Central Cancer Registry, we present estimates of the esophageal cancer burden in China in 2011. METHODS Age-specific incidence and mortality rates by gender and area for 18 age groups were calculated based on data from 177(More)
BACKGROUND Cigarette smoking is a prominent risk factor for a wide range of diseases. The current study aimed to evaluate the impact of smoking on deaths from major smoking-related diseases (neoplasms, vascular diseases and respiratory diseases) in Chinese adults by estimating the potential gains in life expectancy (LE) that would accrue from eliminating(More)
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