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In computer graphics, object are often represented by triangle meshes. Iterative collapse of geometric elements is an important way to simplify the meshes. This paper presents a method for dividing the triangle mesh into certain kind of multi-edge mesh and puts forward a new mesh simplification algorithm based on the multi-edge mesh collapse. The algorithm(More)
Many applications of Virtual Reality require 3D models. In this paper, quadrangles in the triangle mesh are defined. We put forward a quadrangle collapse based mesh simplification algorithm which can rapidly produce high approximations of 3D models. The algorithm uses iterative collapse of quadrangle to simple models and maintains surface error(More)
Co-analyzing a set of 3D shapes is a challenging task considering a large geometrical variability of the shapes. To address this challenge, this paper proposes a new automatic 3D shape co-segmentation algorithm by using spectral graph method. Our method firstly represents input shapes as a set of weighted graphs and extracts multiple geometric features to(More)
In this paper, silhouettes preserved simplification for small-screen display is proposed. Silhouettes are determined simply by the normals of adjacent faces and the viewpoint directions. Thus, three kinds of triangles on the silhouette are defined: the Vertex Silhouette Triangle, the Edge Silhouette Triangle and the Angle Silhouette Triangle. By applying(More)
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