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Competition in e-commerce environment is not the competition between enterprises, but competition among business ecosystems. This article drawn on research of the natural ecosystem and business ecosystem, defined the concept of e-business ecosystem, analyses the composition and advantages of e-commerce ecosystem, proposed strategy of building e-commerce(More)
Coal is the major energy in China, and its development key lies in narrowing the gap with international counterpart and promoting international competition ability. The paper established the coal industry international competitiveness evaluation index system. Based on the coal industry competitiveness data of 11 main countries rich in coal, the paper(More)
A rapid genetic algorithm based on chaos mechanism is presented in this paper. We introduced the chaos mechanism into the genetic algorithm to remedy the defect of premature convergence in the genetic algorithm, then continuously compressed the searching intervals of the optimization variable for increasing convergence speed. Experiments indicate that this(More)
This study has analyzed the effect of corporate social responsibility on the adjustment speed of capital structure towards the optimal or targeted one, by using data from the non-financial sector of Karachi Stock Exchange for years 2006 to 2014. The study has used structural equation modeling. The study has concluded that the relationship between CSR and(More)
Presently, China’s coal enterprises are in a merger and acquisition (M&A) phase environment. The coal enterprises M&A risk prediction research is less, and lacks corresponding theory support. The paper built the coal enterprises M&A risk evaluation system, constructed the risk prediction model based on support vector machine(More)
In this paper, AD637 Root Mean Square (RMS) chip is used to convert the induced voltage signal in the coil into DC signals. A differential amplifier is used to convert the fast DC signal into a pulse signal with the difference time of capacitor charging and discharging. Then amplifying again and a window comparator was used to process the signal into a(More)
The diagnostic value of 16-slices spiral computed tomography (CT) for portal vein disorders was evaluated. Forty-one patients were scanned by the 16-slices spiral-CT. The celiac trunk, portal vein and their branches were reconstructed by volume rendering (VR), multiplanar volume reconstruction (MPVR) and maximum intensity projection (MIP) technique, and the(More)
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