Xiao-Ming Lou

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OBJECTIVE To understand the current status of iodine nutrition among the community residents to compare the level of iodine nutrition in different areas and groups of populations in Zhejiang province. METHODS Stratified cluster sampling method was adopted and residents from twenty-two communities in Zhejiang province were selected. A cross-sectional(More)
PURPOSE To provide clinically meaningful, normative reference data that describe pubertal timing indicators among urban and rural Chinese girls. METHODS Girls of Chinese Han ethnicity from grade 1 in elementary schools through grade 12 in junior high schools in eight regions participated in China Puberty Research Collaboration from October 2010 to May(More)
We introduce a new method for determining the number of straight lines, line angles, offsets, widths, and discontinuities in complicated images. In this method, line angles are obtained by searching the peaks of a hybrid discrete Fourier and bilinear transformed line angle spectrum. Numerical advantages and performance are demonstrated.
OBJECTIVE To assess the level of dietary iodine intake and its contribution in Zhejiang. METHODS A total of 9798 subjects were recruited in this survey with multi-stage stratified cluster random sampling method in April, 2010, the 24-hours dietary recall method and the "food composition table" were used to obtain the dietary iodine intake, and edible salt(More)
Risk factors of Parkinson's disease (PD) were studied by the case-control method (1:1) in 90 cases. It was suggested that the high positive rate (34.4%) in PD family history was related to "genetic susceptibility". There was history of head injury, rheumatic fever, seizure, taking anti-psychosis drug or contact with toxins, but any one factor could not(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the status of diffuse goiter of population in Zhejiang Province and to analyze the relevant influencing factors. METHODS A total of 18 188 subjects were recruited in the cross sectional survey, by multistage stratified cluster random sampling method. B ultrasound measurement were carried among the subjects to detect the thyroid(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the iodine nutrition level of population in Zhejiang province and to analyze the relevant influencing factors from 2009 to 2011. METHODS From October 2009 to October 2011, a total of 19 517 subjects were recruited in this cross sectional survey, by multistage stratified cluster random sampling method. The subjects were all living(More)
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