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Collapsible graph Locally connected graphs Locally k-edge-connected a b s t r a c t Given two nonnegative integers s and t, a graph G is (s, t)-supereulerian if for any disjoint sets X , Y ⊂ E(G) with |X| ≤ s and |Y | ≤ t, there is a spanning eulerian subgraph H of G that contains X and avoids Y. We prove that if G is connected and locally k-edge-connected,(More)
AIM Currently, there is considerable debate as to which method is more accurate for measuring the activity of CYP3A in vivo: cortisol 6beta-hydroxylation clearance (Cl(m(6beta))) or the urinary ratio of 6beta-OHF to F (6beta-OHF/F). Furthermore, the value of measuring endogenous levels of cortisol over a 24 h period (AUC(F)) needs to be confirmed. The aim(More)