Xiao-Mei Li

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Aristolochiae Fructus (“Madouling”) is derived from the fruits of Aristolochia contorta and A. debilis (Aristolochiaceae). These two species contain potentially nephrotoxic constituents, but are officially used in China. Distinction of constituents and toxicity between these two species remains unclear. A high-performance liquid chromatography method was(More)
We present here a fast and easily realized computational approach based on the finite element methods with consistent and lumped mass matrices (CM-FEM and LM-FEM, respectively), and the Bloch's theorem, to calculate the elastic band structures of phononic crystals. Two improvements, the adjustment of the introduction of Bloch's theorem as well as weighting(More)
In the present study, DNA methylation level of CD4+ T cells exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) was investigated and its potential mechanisms were also explored. CD4+ T cells from 12 cases of healthy subjects and 33 cases of SLE patients were isolated and exposed to different dosages (0, 50, 100 mJ/cm2) of UVB. Further, SLE patients were divided into two groups:(More)
TBX21 recode T-bet which is an important transcription factor that drives the Th1 immune response primarily by promoting expression of the interferon-gamma (IFNG) gene. Recent studies have shown that genetic variants in TBX21 and IFNG are connected with risk of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). The aim of the present study was to replicate these genetic(More)
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