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Certain features such as small vascular lesions seen in human MRI are detected reliably only in postmortem histological samples by microscopic imaging. Co-registration of these microscopically detected features to their corresponding locations in the in-vivo images would be of great benefit to understanding the MRI signatures of specific diseases. Using(More)
Reliability analysis of multi-state system with common cause failure based on bayesian networks. Reliability analysis of multi-state system with common cause failuRe based on bayesian netwoRks analiZa nieZawodnoŚci systemu wielostanoweGo Z usZkodZeniem sPowodowanym wsPÓlnĄ PRZycZynĄ w oPaRciu o sieci bayesowskie Taking account of the influence of common(More)
To reduce the probability of InSb infrared detector cracking during its temperature drops quickly, for InSb detector with underfill, here ANSYS, is employed to research the impacts from both indium bump diameters and heights on both Von Mises stress and its distribution. Simulation results show that as the diameters of indium bump decreases from 36µm(More)
⎯The convergence of genetic algorithm is mainly determined by its core operation crossover operation. When the objective function is a multiple hump function, traditional genetic algorithms are easily trapped into local optimum, which is called premature convergence. In this paper, we propose a new genetic algorithm with improved arithmetic crossover(More)
Mol-ecules of the title compound, C(40)H(44)O(8), adopt a partial cone conformation. The dihedral angles between the planes of the aromatic rings and the mean plane through the methyl-ene C atoms bridging the aromatic rings are 35.74 (7), 85.86 (5), 87.77 (4) and 89.95 (5)°. Two opposite aryl rings are approximately parallel to each other; the others are at(More)