Xiao-Lin Qi

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Natural and synthetic zeolites are important microporous materials. [ 1 ] The highly ordered structures and tunable compositions of aluminosilicate frameworks are responsible for their extraordinary performances. After the discovery of zeolitic metal imidazolate frameworks, ranging from zeolite-like cobalt imidazolates [ 2 ] to the SOD-, ANA-, and RHO-type(More)
Pigeon pea is an important and multiuse grain legume crop, and its leaves are a very valuable natural resource. To obtain a high-quality biological resource, it is necessary to choose the excellent cultivar and determine the appropriate harvest time. In this study, the variation in contents of main active components and antioxidant activity in leaves of six(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the protective effect of Qihuang Mingmu capsule (QHMM) on retina of diabetic mice and its impact on VEGF expression. METHOD Forty KK/Upj-Ay mice were randomly divided into the model group and high, middle and low dose QHMM (8.32, 4.16, 2.08 g x kg(-1)) groups. Additional 10 C57BL/6 mice were selected as the control group. Mice(More)
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