Xiao Liang

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—Disk encryption is frequently used to secure confidential data on mobile devices. However, the high energy cost of disk encryption poses a heavy burden on those devices with limited battery capacity especially when a large amount of data needs to be protected by disk encryption. To address the challenge, we develop a new kernel-level disk encryption(More)
In this paper, we focus on the long time behavior of the mild solution to delayed reaction-diffusion Hopfield neural networks (DRDHNNs) driven by infinite dimensional Wiener processes. We analyze the existence, uniqueness, and stability of this system under the local Lipschitz function by constructing an appropriate Lyapunov-Krasovskii function and(More)
Geographic distance impact is an issue that has been discussed by scholars for years. The intent of this paper is to investigate the changing pattern of this impact. Moreover, since the development of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) can affect remote scholarly collaboration, the author also examines its relationship with the changing pattern.(More)