Xiao Liang

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Since groundwater is diminishing rapidly in rural Beijing, rainwater harvesting for irrigation is being promoted. As the cost of pumping up groundwater is low, farmers have few incentives to use rainwater. To promote the consumption of rainwater, the Beijing Water Authority may in the future raise the cost of using groundwater by introducing a charge.(More)
Whether water systems can be operated successfully and sustainably is influenced by the attitudes and willingness of stakeholders involved in the management of such systems. This study quantitatively evaluates the interests of different stakeholders in wastewater reuse systems in Beijing. Such interests comprise economic, environmental, and social effects(More)
Allocation scheduling for daily surgical cases is a decision-making process tasked to anesthesiologists and nurse managers in the operating room (OR). This manuscript focuses on three major areas: the classification and principles of allocation scheduling on workdays in China, flexible strategies of operational decision-making given differences in planned(More)
The success or failure of operating a rainwater harvesting system (RWH) depends on both technological and non-technological factors. The importance of non-technological factors in attaining sustainable RWH operation is rarely emphasized. This study aims to assess the contribution of non-technological factors through determining decisive factors involved in(More)
In this paper, the author provides a framework for predicting the possible resistances to the new e-government system by analyzing the conflict between the current and the future conditions of the domain of a power relation which is the e-government system in this paper. Rationalities, knowledge, technologies, and subjects, as four domain elements, should(More)
Crisis brings various damages including a tarnished reputation. To protect and restore its reputation is an important task for a government agency in times of crisis. A microblog, which is attracting more and more public attention, can be used as a platform for the government to communicate with the public in order to manage its reputation in times of(More)
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