Xiao Liang

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T cell immunoglobulin- and mucin-domain-containing molecule-3 (Tim-3) has been reported to participate in the pathogenesis of inflammatory diseases. However, whether Tim-3 is involved in hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection remains unknown. Here, we studied the expression and function of Tim-3 in a hydrodynamics-based mouse model of HBV infection. A(More)
One of the keys for successfully developing drugs against the broad spectrum of cancer cell types is structural diversity. In the current study, we focused on a family of isosteviol derivatives as potential novel antitumor agents. Isosteviol is a tetracyclic diterpenoid obtained by acid hydrolysis of steviol glycoside extracts isolated from abundant Stevia(More)
Over the past decade, electronic word-of-mouth communication (EWOM) has become more salient in online contexts. However, the extant literature on EWOM has largely depended upon theories developed in traditional offline contexts. We proposed that both individual and social settings should not be ignored in the study of EWOM and sought to integrate two(More)
This paper establishes a new framework for modeling electrical cyber-physical systems (ECPSs), integrating both power grids and communication networks. To model the communication network associated with a power transmission grid, we use a mesh network that considers the features of power transmission grids such as high-voltage levels, long-transmission(More)
In massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems, linear minimum mean square error (MMSE) detection is near-optimal but involves large dimensional matrix inversion, which results in high complexity. To this end, Neumann series expansion (NSE) approximation, which avoids the direct computation of the matrix inversion, is recently investigated due to(More)
Lung cancer continues to be one the most prevalent and life threatening cancers worldwide. In order to study the gene regulation pattern in lung cancer for new therapeutics discovery, gene expression profiling using human lung cancer tissues was conducted. The gene expression profiles were established using Affymetrix Human Exon 1.0 ST Array with RNA(More)
Resulted by the hundreds of antennas at the base-station (BS) side, the dimension of matrices involved in linear detection for massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) uplink systems increases drastically. Being an indispensable part of linear detection, the matrix inversion suffers a lot from the huge matrix size of massive MIMO, and therefore becomes(More)
—Construction of effective acceleration structure is an essential and challenging problem in ray tracing. The surface area heuristic (SAH), regarded as the standard cost function for construction, is based on the assumption that rays are uniformly distributed. This simplification ignoring actual ray distribution results in a reduction both on construction(More)
To explore the role of protective enzymes in cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) resistance to mites, transgenic cassava lines overproducing copper/zinc superoxide dismutase (MeCu/ZnSOD) and catalase (MeCAT1) were used to evaluate and molecularly confirm cassava resistance to Tetranychus cinnabarinus. Laboratory evaluation demonstrated that, compared with(More)