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Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) is an important driver of tumor invasion and metastasis, which causes many cancer deaths. Cancer stem cells (CSC) that maintain and initiate tumors have also been implicated in invasion and metastasis, but whether EMT is an important contributor to CSC function is unclear. In this study, we investigated whether a(More)
OBJECTIVE Levofloxacin has been proposed to replace clarithromycin for Helicobacter pylori treatment. Seven- and 10-day fluoroquinolone triple therapies have generally failed to achieve cure rates of ≥90%, whereas 14-day therapy has achieved 95% success. The aim was to assess the efficacy and effect of fluoroquinolone resistance on 14-day(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic liver resection has not been widely used because of intraoperative bleeding. This problem should be solved with instruments and techniques that require a short learning curve. MATERIALS AND METHODS The aim of this work was to present the technique used in our center to perform laparoscopic liver resection using the 'curettage and(More)
BACKGROUND The success rate of currently recommended 7-day triple therapy with a PPI plus amoxicillin and clarithromycin has fallen into the unacceptable range. It is urgent to look for a new strategy to treat the infection of Helicobacter pylori. AIMS To observe the efficacy of triple therapy-based, bismuth-containing quadruple therapy for H. pylori(More)
BACKGROUND The standard embryo cryopreservation method is still less than optimal for biopsied embryos. The aim of this study was to compare the survival of biopsied embryos cryopreserved with four different methods using non-transferable embryos. METHODS Abnormal embryos from one or three pronuclei and spare embryos of grade 3 and 4 were used for this(More)
BACKGROUND & AIMS We assessed the efficacy and safety of 4 bismuth-containing quadruple regimens as empiric therapies for Helicobacter pylori infections in patients who did not respond to previous treatment. METHODS We performed a prospective single-center study of 424 patients with H pylori infection that was not eradicated by previous therapies.(More)
Dysregulation of apoptosis is a pilot event before cancer development and plays important roles for cancer to develop resistance to chemical therapeutics. So exploring strategies to recovery the apoptosis balance is a charming and long-endeavored aim in the attempts to conquer cancers. The present study shows an exciting potency of a fusion peptide to(More)
Esophageal cancer is one of the most lethal human tumors, characterized by relative chemoresistance and poor prognosis. Researchers have been seeking for multimodality to improve its outcome of therapy. PUMA (p53 upregulated modulator of apoptosis) is a potent proapoptotic molecule that is rapidly induced in cells following DNA damage and is required for(More)
The vast majority of travel takes place within cities. Recently, new data has become available which allows for the discovery of urban mobility patterns which differ from established results about long distance travel. Specifically, the latest evidence increasingly points to exponential trip length distributions, contrary to the scaling laws observed on(More)