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In this paper, we propose a new tool to efficiently extract a class of “low-rank textures” in a 3D scene from user-specified windows in 2D images despite significant corruptions and warping. The low-rank textures capture geometrically meaningful structures in an image, which encompass conventional local features such as edges and corners as well as many(More)
In this paper, we show how to reconstruct both 3D shape and 2D texture of a class of surfaces from a single perspective image. We consider the so-called the generalized cylindrical surfaces that are wrapped with low-rank textures. They can be used to model most curved building facades in urban areas or deformed book pages scanned for text recognition. Our(More)
In this paper, we show how to harness both low-rank and sparse structures in regular or near-regular textures for image completion. Our method is based on a unified formulation for both random and contiguous corruption. In addition to the low rank property of texture, the algorithm also uses the sparse assumption of the natural image: because the natural(More)
In recent years, modern logistics develops rapidly as a whole. To the logistics industry in China, compared with the international lack of understanding from the comparison of domestic and international logistics development, Especially in Beijing city logistics domestic only big cities including Shanghai, has some development to develop city logistics city(More)
Tectonic stress and fault are main geological factors that influence the coal mining subsidence characteristics. In order to understand the control effect of different scale fault on mining subsidence characteristics, and improving prediction accuracy, in this paper, using FLAC<sup>3D</sup>, coupling model of compressive tectonic stress and small scale(More)
Based on unique advantage of genetic programming on solving linear problems, it was introduced into mining subsidence. By using relevant data of mining subsidence and the method of genetic programming, the nonlinear relation between maximum amount of mining subsidence and its influencing factos was set up. Compared with practical data, the results showed(More)
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