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Many decentralized wastewater reuse systems have been constructed in Beijing. However their performance is not as good as expected. The total amount of reclaimed water used in Beijing is much less than the designed capacity. In order to understand the reasons causing such poor performance, an integrated financial and economic feasibility analysis for the(More)
Crisis brings various damages including a tarnished reputation. To protect and restore its reputation is an important task for a government agency in times of crisis. A microblog, which is attracting more and more public attention, can be used as a platform for the government to communicate with the public in order to manage its reputation in times of(More)
In this paper, the author provides a framework for predicting the possible resistances to the new e-government system by analyzing the conflict between the current and the future conditions of the domain of a power relation which is the e-government system in this paper. Rationalities, knowledge, technologies, and subjects, as four domain elements, should(More)
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