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This paper considers Bayesian counterparts of the classical tests for good- ness of fit and their use in judging the fit of a single Bayesian model to the observed data. We focus on posteriorExpand
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Comparing correlated correlation coefficients
The purpose of this article is to provide simple but accurate methods for comparing correlation coefficients between a dependent variable and a set of independent variables. The methods are simpleExpand
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Maximum likelihood estimation via the ECM algorithm: A general framework
Two major reasons for the popularity of the EM algorithm are that its maximum step involves only complete-data maximum likelihood estimation, which is often computationally simple, and that itsExpand
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Simulating Normalizing Constants: From Importance Sampling to Bridge Sampling to Path Sampling
Computing (ratios of) normalizing constants of probability models is a fundamental computational problem for many statistical and scientific studies. Monte Carlo simulation is an effective technique,Expand
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Modeling covariance matrices in terms of standard deviations and correlations, with application to shrinkage
The covariance matrix plays an important role in statistical inference, yet modeling a covariance matrix is often a difficult task in practice due to its dimensionality and the non-negative definiteExpand
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Handbook of Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Foreword Stephen P. Brooks, Andrew Gelman, Galin L. Jones, and Xiao-Li Meng Introduction to MCMC, Charles J. Geyer A short history of Markov chain Monte Carlo: Subjective recollections fromExpand
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Prevalence of mental illness in immigrant and non-immigrant U.S. Latino groups.
OBJECTIVE Although widely reported among Latino populations, contradictory evidence exists regarding the generalizability of the immigrant paradox, i.e., that foreign nativity protects againstExpand
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Disparity in depression treatment among racial and ethnic minority populations in the United States.
OBJECTIVE Prior research on racial and ethnic disparities in depression treatment has been limited by the scarcity of national samples that include an array of diagnostic and quality indicators andExpand
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Let pi(w) ,i =1 , 2, be two densities with common support where each density is known up to a normalizing constant: pi(w )= qi(w)/ci .W e have draws from each density (e.g., via Markov chain MonteExpand
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Considering context, place and culture: the National Latino and Asian American Study
This paper provides a rationale for, and overview of, procedures used to develop the National Latino and Asian American Study (NLAAS). The NLAAS is nationally representative community householdExpand
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