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K313, a novel benzoxazole derivative, exhibits anti‐inflammatory properties via inhibiting GSK3β activity in LPS‐induced RAW264.7 macrophages
Investigation of the anti‐inflammatory properties and the underlying molecular mechanism of K313 in lipopolysaccharide (LPS)‐induced RAW264.7 macrophages indicated that K313 exhibited anti‐ inflammation properties and revealed the potential mechanism. Expand
Loss of Perp in T Cells Promotes Resistance to Apoptosis of T Helper 17 Cells and Exacerbates the Development of Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis in Mice
It is shown that loss of Perp in T cells does not affect Th1, Th17, or Treg cell differentiation, but does significantly increase the resistance of PerP−/− Th17 cells to AICD and anti-Fas in Lck-Cre × Perpfl/fl mice by inhibiting the caspase-dependent apoptotic pathway. Expand
Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells Generated with Tofacitinib Ameliorate Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis through Modulation of Th17/Treg Balance
The results revealed that tofacitinib-treated DCs maintained a steady semimature phenotype with a low level of proinflammatory cytokines and costimulatory molecules, and the antigen-specific tolDCs may represent a new avenue of research for the development of future clinical treatments for MS. Expand
Abstract 122: Targeting forward and reverse EphB4/EFNB2 signaling by a peptide with dual functions
  • C. Xiong, Yunfei Wen, +10 authors Chun Li
  • Medicine
  • 15 August 2020
Chloroquine inhibited TNF-alpha mRNA expression without interfering with mRNA stability, suggesting that this agent reduces M phi TNF -alpha release by disrupting T NF-alpha gene transcription. Expand
Tolerogenic Dendritic Cells Induced by BD750 Ameliorate Proinflammatory T cell Responses and Experimental Autoimmune Encephalitis in Mice
Treatment with BD750 induced tolDC that inhibited proinflammatory T cell immunity in vitro and in vivo and may be valuable for development of new therapies for EAE and other autoimmune diseases. Expand
Chemical composition of Erycibe schmidtii and antiproliferative activity of scopoletin on immature dendritic cells
Scopoletin functionally reduced proliferation level of bone marrow immature dendritic cells (BM-iDCs) more than 50%, relative to vehicle, however, scopo letin exhibited no effect on the phagocytosis or survival of BM- iDCs in vitro. Expand
Regulatory Dendritic Cells Induced by K313 Display Anti-Inflammatory Properties and Ameliorate Experimental Autoimmune Encephalitis in Mice
K313-modified DCregs show anti-inflammatory properties in vitro and have a significant positive effect on the EAE disease in vivo, indicating that K313-inducedDCregs pulsed with auto-antigen might have potential use as a therapeutic approach for autoimmune inflammation of the central nervous system. Expand
The p53 effector Perp mediates the persistence of CD4+ effector memory T-cell undergoing lymphopenia-induced proliferation.
Data presented in this work indicate that Perp mediates the persistence of CD4+ TEM cells in irradiation-induced lymphopenic settings. Expand