Xiao-Lan Tian

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BACKGROUND It has been suggested that the p300 transcriptional coactivator participates in the regulation of a wide range of cell biological processes, and mutations in p300 have been identified in various cancers. OBJECTIVES To investigate p300 expression in cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma (cSCC) tissues and its effect on the outcome of patients with(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to investigate the expression of tumor necrosis factor-like weak inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) and its receptor fibroblast growth factor-inducible 14 (Fn14) in patients with polymyositis (PM) and dermatomyositis (DM), and their relation to clinical manifestations. METHODS Serum levels of TWEAK were detected in 98(More)
73 healthy, parous nonpregnant women were examined for intrauterine pressure (IUP) and levels of 6-keto-prostaglandin Flalpha (PGF1alpha) and TXB2 in uterine fluid were examined before and after insertion of an IUD and then 1 month after insertion. The authors wanted to see the relationship between IUP, IUD expulsion, and relative factors affecting (More)
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