Xiao-Lan Huang

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We have found that Co-2 × 2 islands grown on an Ag/Ge(111)-√3 × √3 surface have hcp structure with the (11-20) orientation. The island evolution involves transformation of the unit cell shape from parallelogram into rectangular, which is accompanied by the island shape transformation from hexagonal into stripe-like. Identified are two crystallographic(More)
The formation of nano-islands on both a Ge(111)-c(2 × 8) surface and an Ag/Ge(111)-(√3 × √3) surface evaporated with 0.1 ML Ni was investigated by scanning tunneling microscopy (STM). We have noticed that at temperatures lower than 670 K, the reaction between Ni and the individual substrate surfaces proceeds to form different structures: flat-topped islands(More)
—Multi-tank model is proposed for heavy rainfall infiltration simulation since it can represent the nonlinear transport behavior and give predictions very quickly. On the other hand, because its parameter space is high dimensional, it is difficult to obtain optimal parameters using existing methods. A new optimization approach called modified dynamically(More)
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