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Xylolejeunea, a new genus of the Lejeuneaceae (Hepaticae) from the Neotropics, Madagascar and the Seychelles.
The genus Trachylejeunea (Spruce) Schiffn. is reviewed and its subgenus Hygrolejeuneopsis R.M. Schust. placed in synonymy of Xylolejeunea X.-L. He & Grolle gen. nov. (Lejeuneaceae, Hepaticae). Four
Type studies on Pycnolejeunea (Lejeuneaceae, Hepaticae). V. On the identity of Pycnolejeunea spinistipula Mizut. and Lepidolejeunea queenslandica Thiers
Plants delicate, shoots < 1.5 mm arched, ventral margin arched with a gentle angle wide, yellowish green or whitish brown in dry near pjg lobule apex, margins entire, plane, apex condition, on bark; lobe cells isodiametric to rectangular, Branching Lejeunea type.