Xiao Jun Zheng

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Mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) blockade has been shown to suppress cardiac hypertrophy and remodeling in animal models of pressure overload (POL). This study aims to determine whether MR deficiency in myeloid cells modulates aortic constriction-induced cardiovascular injuries. Myeloid MR knockout (MMRKO) mice and littermate control mice were subjected to(More)
Continuous experiments were conducted to study the hydrolysis and acidogenesis of sewage sludge in an upflow reactor with an agitator and a gas-liquid-solid separator. Results of this study showed that 34-78% of volatile suspended solids (VSS) in sewage sludge was hydrolyzed at pH in the range 4.0-6.5, 35 degrees C and 4-24 hours of hydraulic retention time(More)
In this study, batch experiments were conducted to investigate the inhibitory effects of NaCl on H2 production from glucose by anaerobic mixed cultures. Experimental results demonstrate that NaCl concentration had significant inhibitory effects on glucose degradation, cumulative H2 production, specific H2 production rate, H2 yield and the distribution of(More)
Human activity together with climatic changes have resulted in the substantial loss of wetlands in the Tumen River Basin of China in the past five decades. In this study, the landscape dynamics of wetlands upstream, midstream and downstream of the Tumen River Basin from 1960 to 2009 were investigated using remote sensing and geographic information systems.(More)
AIM To investigated the dose enhancement due to the incorporation of nanoparticles in skin therapy using the kilovoltage (kV) photon and megavoltage (MV) electron beams. Monte Carlo simulations were used to predict the dose enhancement when different types and concentrations of nanoparticles were added to skin target layers of varying thickness. METHODS(More)
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