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BACKGROUND High-throughput profiling of DNA methylation status of CpG islands is crucial to understand the epigenetic regulation of genes. The microarray-based Infinium methylation assay by Illumina is one platform for low-cost high-throughput methylation profiling. Both Beta-value and M-value statistics have been used as metrics to measure methylation(More)
UNLABELLED Oxidative stress generation is a primary mechanism mediating the effects of Particulate Matter (PM) on human health. Although mitochondria are both the major intracellular source and target of oxidative stress, the effect of PM on mitochondria has never been evaluated in exposed individuals. METHODS In 63 male healthy steel workers from(More)
Using marginal agricultural lands to grow energy crops for biofuel feedstocks is a promising option to meet the biofuel needs in populous China without causing further food shortages or environmental problems. Here we quantify the effects of growing switchgrass and Miscanthus on Chinese marginal agricultural lands on biomass production and carbon emissions(More)
OBJECTIVE To analyze the efficacy and safety of entecavir (ETV) treatment for up to 5 years in nucleos(t)ide-naïve chronic hepatitis B patients in real life. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 230 nucleos(t)ide naïve chronic hepatitis B patients who received ETV 0.5 mg/day monotherapy for at least 3 months, of whom 113 were HBeAg positive and 117 were(More)
The AAA (ATPase associated with various cellular activities) ATPase, p97, is a hexameric protein of chaperone-like function, which has been reported to interact with a number of proteins of seemingly unrelated functions. For the first time, we report a classification of these proteins and aim to elucidate any common structural or functional features they(More)
Automatic recognition of facial expressions is an interesting and challenging research topic in the field of pattern recognition due to applications such as human–machine interface design and developmental psychology. Designing classifiers for facial expression recognition with high reliability is a vital step in this research. This paper presents a novel(More)
We propose a multi-crossover and adaptive island based population algorithm (MAIPA). This technique divides the entire population into subpopulations, or demes, each with a different crossover function, which can be switched according to the efficiency. In addition, MAIPA reverses the philosophy of conventional genetic algorithms. It gives priority to the(More)