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The decision tree algorithm is one of the data mining methods. Security markets is an important part of our country’s financial market. Based on the correct analysis of the security data, selecting proper economic indicators, using the improved algorithm and mining data from the transaction can guard against financial crisis to a certain extent and(More)
On the basis of introduce the DEA method and twelve colleges of a certain university as research target, the paper select the number of teacher and stuff, the total number of teaching equipment, the number of students and academic papers, then respectively as input indicators and output indicators. The use of the of DEA and the BCC model will conduct(More)
This article first carries on the integrated optimization to the VMI system, finds out the integrated optimization model, then analyses system alliance's validity through the cooperation gambling theoretical, computes system various members' Shipley value, further judges the VMI system's validity from the cooperation structure, seeks for the strategy(More)
The innovation of IT has created new patterns in library service but also new challenges. The modification and improvement of the existing approaches for traditional paper-based resource management is needed. In this paper, we analyzed the library services in current Chinese universities and pointed out some problems in those services. We proposed several(More)
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