Xiao Jian-mei

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Considering the nonlinear trait and the disturbance effect of power systems, a new design scheme is presented in this paper, and the exact feedback linearization of differential geometry and linear robust Hinfin control is applied to the design of the excitation controller. The proposed controller can effectively enhance the transient stability for a power(More)
Ship dynamic positioning refers to ship which singly keeps its fixed position on the sea by its own installation propeller without anchor. Backstepping design method using in the uncertainty system is a kind of systematic controller synthesis method and is a regression design method which combine the selection of the lyapunov function with the design of the(More)
A new synchronous generator excitation controller is provided in this article. On the basis of the linear multi-variable excitation controller, a composite controller, which ties the output of PID with the output of linear multi-variable excitation controller and the output of support vector machine (SVM) inverse model, was designed based on SVM. Inverse(More)
The rational layout and location of logistics center has a great impact on the function and overall profit of it. In this paper, according to the characteristics and requirements in the selection of the location, an improved ant colony algorithm is applied to the location selection. A dynamic local updating rule is presented in later cycle. Reduce the(More)
This paper takes considerations of the environmental which spreads some unknown static obstacles and proposes the robots move from a starting point to reach the target point according to the principle of maintaining pre-set size Geometric formation based the size. At the same time, in the actual formation process of moving, we allow the division and(More)
A modified particle swarm optimization algorithm is proposed to deal with combinatorial optimization problem. This algorithm is combined with traveling salesman problem. Methods such as technology of random exchange sequence, same side keeping and elitism are adopted. The particle swarm optimization algorithm based on same side keeping and elitism can be(More)
There are many uncertainties and knowledge redundancy in Fault Diagnosis. while the rough set theory is a new the mathematical tools to deal with the uncertainty of information. The rough set theory provides a new effective way of dealing with the mechanical fault diagnosis. As the rough set theory can only deal with the decision table after discretization(More)
Support Vector Machine (SVM) is a new machine learning method. K-Nearest-Neighbor (KNN) is a non-parameter classifying method, which is quite effective and easy to use. KNN has been widely used in classification, regression and pattern recognition. A new algorithm that combining SVM with KNN is presented, which is called a new kernel learning method(More)
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