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In the process of comparison of two cDNA libraries (W0, W2), we isolated a clone from the wing discs of Bombyx mori encoding a putative neutral endopeptidase 24.11-like gene. The predicted open reading frame encoded 772 amino acid residues, having about 53% identity with Drosophila GH07643, 36% with rat NEP, and 34% with rat ECE. This is the first NEP gene(More)
The molecular genetic events involved in the etiology of granulosa cell, Sertoli cell, and Leydig cell tumors are unknown. The expression of the \\ilms' tumor suppressor gene nl'I in granulosa and Sertoli cells prompted us to analyze this gene for mutations in 11 granulosa cell tu mors, three Lcydig cell tumors, and one Sertoli/Leydig cell tumor. Al though(More)
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