Xiao-Hui Zhao

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A channel estimation scheme for a multi-input multi-output orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MIMO-OFDM) system was presented. The scheme makes use of the pilots to estimate the channel impulse response based on least square criteria. To improve the estimation performance, a neural network approach was applied to track the varying of the channel,(More)
This paper makes a key research of a combined modulation scheme (TH OPPM-BPSM) for UWB systems. The proposed scheme achieves higher data rate by introducing more number of orthogonal pulses in the same pulse repetition interval. It also reduces the system complexity by half by introducing antipodal version of orthogonal pulses. The proposed transmission(More)
—The current channel estimation algorithm is often performed under the assumption that the additive channel noise is white and Gaussian, but there is experimental evidence to show that the additive channel noise is non-Gaussian and non-linear in a wireless environment. This paper addresses the MIMO-OFDM channel estimation based on particle filtering and(More)
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